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WelComm: Communication Skills for Integration of Migrants

The WelComm project aims at raising awareness of the importance of education for social inclusion of migrants from early age and promoting opportunities for equal start in education. Migrant children often grow up in households only hearing and speaking the native language of their parents and they are challenged by their language skills upon school entry. Early education can address school readiness and language acquisition, enabling children to enter kindergarten with more advanced language skills and at the same time facilitate integration for immigrant families into the host society.

WelComm AIMS:

  • To provide opportunities for equal start in education for migrant children in pre-primary and primary school age
  • To raise awareness of the importance of education for social inclusion among migrant parents;
  • To develop innovative tools for non-formal language learning and thus to improve the capacities of migrant organisations and language educators working with migrants;
  • To develop basic communication skills in host country language.



  • Create focus groups with representatives of migrant organisations, language providers, voluntary organisations, etc.
  • Perform a needs analysis among migrants and language educators related to cultural and language information for development of basic communication skills
  • Select good practices focused on approaches for social integration of migrants
  • Develop informational brochures with cultural specifics of the partner countries as motivation boosters for migrant parents
  • Develop a Multimedia Learning Kit for Migrant Children promoting inclusive education and basic communication skills in the host country language
  • Organise training workshops to demonstrate the practical application of the products within a language learning environment
  • Organise exploitation seminars to present the project outcomes and ensure sustainability of the results
  • Develop a project website hosting all project products and materials

For more information on the project, please visit www.welcomm-project.com