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The project ‘WelComm 2 Explore Europe: Integrated language and cultural learning at early age’ uses regional heritage across Europe and creates multimedia materials for children to help them learn more about the history, nature and culture of their new home land.

The project addresses primary school children aged 6-12 years old, whose language skills in the language of the country they live in need support either because they are bilingual or have limited knowledge due to migration. Children of the same age interested in exploring another European language and culture are included in the target group too. School teachers, educators in a wider sense (migrant and minority education/social organizations, volunteers working with migrants) and the children’s parents and carers are also targeted as supporters of language and cultural learning as it motivates and encourages their children to learn.

Project activities:

  • WelComm 2 Explore Europe Board Game. The game will include 5 topics: Art and Culture Famous People Food History and Landscape and there will be 50 questions with multiple choice answers per topic. The game will be developed in six partner versions.
  • Comic books in 6 languages based on urban stories or adapted traditional stories. The comic books will be designed in collaborative relationships and activities involving partners, educators and children.
  • Educational experience videos which will present different situations or stories of the children’s shared experience related to the cultural heritage of the partner countries. Through the short films the children will also act as guides to their city’s/country’s culture, language and heritage.
  • Guidelines for teachers and educators which will allow language educators to use the project outcomes with learners


PRESSURE LINE (NL), Coordinator


JFdeK (UK)






For more information on the project, please visit www.welcomm-project.com