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Take Care Project: Healthcare Language Guide for Migrants


Being healthy is one of the most important preconditions for an individual to live and function normally in his/her everyday life. If an individual feels ill or suffers from a disease, s/he goes to see a doctor and gets medical treatment. Migrants, however, who do not speak the host country language sufficiently, experience real communication problems when they need medical help. In times of increasing human mobility around the world (especially in the EU), more and more people face this problem.

Project objectives:
  • Help migrants to improve their knowledge about health matters in host country language;
  • Make health care more accessible for migrants and improve their integration;
  • Create a European wide network of associated partners
  • Contribute to intercultural communication
Main outcomes:
  • A methodology for providing language information and information on health care;
  • A Health Care Language Guide for Migrants (paper-based, digital and a website) containing basic language knowledge in 8 languages, a medical glossary in 17 languages and a ‘medical route’ to health care institutions in the host country


  • The Phrase Book is divided into 12 healthcare topics. Each topic includes key words, phrases and dialogues. In addition, there is a description of the parts of the human body and some common symptoms. It is available in 9 language versions.
  • The Word Fan provides a list of approximately 30 words from each topic translated into 17 languages.
  • The Basic Language Emergency Kit helps healthcare providers communicate with migrants in emergency situations. It is available in 17 languages.
  • The Medical Route gives information about the healthcare system of the partner countries, covering emergency, insurance, GP, baby birth, care for elderly people, etc.


All materials are available on the website: www.takecareproject.eu