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The project SHOPLANG 2.0 aims to promote 4 less widely used and taught Europeans languages (Polish, Slovene, Portuguese, Romanian) and encourage people to learn them. The goal is to give basic knowledge of the target languages through the theme of shopping with the help of easy and entertaining language games, activities and materials.

Important expectation under SHOPLANG 2.0 is the potential for incorporating some of the developed materials and methods in the learning modules of existing language courses. Associated language providers are trying out the developed materials with their language students which at a later stage they could use as supporting materials in the course of study.

The main activities:

  • Adapting learning methods and materials from the first SHOPLANG to the new target languages
  • Developing new language materials and activities
  • Applying the developed language products with beginner students from language centres, separately or as part of their original learning programmes
  • Organising language campaigns in supermarkets in the 4 target languages in each partner country – Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, The Netherlands
  • Creating a project website along with a web application resembling an online language supermarket. The e-shopping game enables people to interact in different categories and test their skills
  • Creating a database of materials about the target languages and countries and establishing resource centres in all partner countries
  • Producing in all 7 partner languages (plus English) guidelines for using the project products for providing information in unknown languages
  • Organising dissemination seminars with relevant educational language providers and other interested organizations in all partner countries


The products developed under SHOPLANG 2.0 have the aim to show that learning a language can be closely connected to people’s needs in their daily activities and encourage them to take up further language learning. The project has come up with non-traditional and easily accessible methods and products applicable with different target groups.

  • Methods and materials for non-formal language learning – language materials, games and activities
  • Guidelines for using the developed products
  • Language campaigns
  • Website + online application
  • Resource centres

SHOPLANG 2.0 was awarded with the EU-initiative “European Language Label” for 2013.

For more information about the project, please visit www.shoplang2.com