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Pulse: Language and Communication Skills for Foreign Nurses

The project ‘Pulse: Language and Communication Skills for Foreign Nurses’ has the aim to improve language and communication competences of nurses working in a foreign country, or planning to work abroad. Partners from 6 European countries (France, Bulgaria, Italy, The Netherlands, Romania and Spain) gather their efforts together to develop innovative methodology for improving foreign nurses’ language and communication skills. Through variety of activities and intellectual outputs the target group representatives will be provided with opportunities to increase their competences, skills and attitudes to the work place specifics.

The project aims to:

  • Improve linguistic, communication and intercultural skills of foreign nurses relevant to the medical workplace
  • Improve competences of nurses like: learning to learn skills and digital competences, competences for developing and strengthening own learning style
  • Increase motivation of nurses to get involved in learning providing them with access to language learning resources
  • Improve capacities of universities, VET and language providers by delivering to them tailored products: workplace language learning didactic and materials relevant to nurses

Project activities:

  • Conduct a Pulse European Survey to create a clear picture of what kind of language, communication and intercultural competencies foreign nurses need and to what extent language and communication models exist and are applied in the training of nurses.
  • Develop E-learning methodology and curriculum for workplace language and communication for nurses.
  • Develop E-learning course for workplace language and communication for nurses.
  • It will include an interactive tool with educational, engaging and entertaining character which will enable foreign nurses to quickly achieve progress in adaptation and language learning. It will contain specific text materials, basic grammar rules and communicative structures, ice-breaking exercises, games and tests, combined with videos of real-life situations and experiences.
  • Organise testing of the E-learning course with representatives of target groups.
  • Develop an assessment tool for linguistic and communication competences of nurses to measure the effectiveness of training and learning immediately after the course has been implemented.
  • Hold workshops with language and VET education providers to demonstrate and discuss the methodology and the course curriculum.
  • Organise seminars to present the E-learning course and the results from the pilot and further promote the project outcomes.

 For more information, please visit www.pulse-project.eu