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Light Me Up! – Language Lessons for Abroad

The project “Light Me Up! – Language Lessons for Abroad” is funded under the Lifelong Learning programme (LLP), Key Activity 2: Languages, of the European Commission for the period 2008-2010.

KU TU Ltd. is promoter and coordinator of the project. It is aimed at using the objectives of the LLP in order to promote the benefits of language learning among pupils, students and adults and accommodate 5 less widely used and taught European languages in the context of travelling abroad. The project takes into consideration the dynamic growth of the European travel and tourism sector, the open borders, the internationalization of the business and the labour market, the increased number of pupil and student mobility programmes, the rising interest in higher education abroad, and the increase in property purchase in other countries.

Light Me Up!” is focused on Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, Greek and Lithuanian and involves the target groups in easily accessible language activities and products creating and upgrading basic language skills related to travelling abroad. The main project product is multimedia learning-oriented language sets which provide basic information in the target languages into different topics related to common situations people get into when travelling abroad.

The partners used the Tourism Fairs organised each year in all countries and carried out promotional language events in the target languages involving the target groups in thematic language activities with native speakers. As a follow-up, the partners organised for groups of beneficiaries open language courses with teachers for each target language.

The partners worked in close cooperation with a network of travel agencies which offer services for school excursions, work and travel for students, business trips, tourism, etc. This was the main dissemination channel which distributed the language sets to their clients who plan to visit one or more of the partner countries both during the lifetime of the project and after its end. The most innovative aspect of the project is that the language sets supplemented the service portfolio of travel agencies by including a language service in addition to their travel services.

“Light Me Up!” was awarded with the EU initiative “European Language Label” for 2010.

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