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KU TU Ltd. is a member of EURORESO – an International Association with a scientific and educational purpose.

The main objectives of this non profit association are:

  • To establish a network of natural and corporate bodies which were legally constituted according to the laws and customs of their country of origin to develop a strategy which simultaneously facilitates economic development and the improvement of the standard of living, and scientific resources of the population concerned in the different European Countries.
  • To establish or receive and develop programmes which facilitate access to work, social integration and the establishment and development of private or public companies.
  • To obtain the funds necessary to implement the projects, programmes and measures supported by the network; to take all necessary steps with the authorities and in particular with the European Union in order to achieve this objects.
  • To exchange methodologies and techniques and, if necessary produce those in co-operation.
  • To centralise this information on the Labour Market, to analyse and treat it, and to adjust it with the information on the production of goods and services managed by financial investments
  • To propagate projects, programmes and results of action taken.

For more information, please visit www.euroreso.eu