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E-N.L.L: Never Late to Learn! Promoting Opportunities for Learning in Later Life

E-N.L.L is a network supported under the Lifelong Learning programme, action Grundtvig Multilateral networks for the period 2009-2012. KU TU Ltd. is a partner in the network.

E-N.L.L network is planned to promote cooperation for offering learning opportunities for learning in Later Life. Elderly people need different approach to be involved into learning, specific learning paths and encouraging support, and on the other point – the training institutions need additional support to switch to elderly audience. Moreover, the new LLP actions offer new possibilities for learning in later life, incl. mobilities and volunteering, but they need to be made popular and operational amongst the stakeholders.

E-N.L.L. network works on provision level, looking directly into practices;

E-N.L.L. network combines experienced partners with partners that are new in the field, but would like to learn;

E-N.L.L. network combines institutions with various economic domains (incl.- building, agriculture, ecology…) who are interested to explore various possibilities that could be offered to seniors in each of these domains;

E-N.L.L. network directly promotes cooperation for further exploring the possibilities for learning in later life, offered by the LLP actions.

The network products include collections of case studies and practices, guidelines, cooperation models, events, etc.

For more information on the project, please enquire.