KUTU Projects

We are experienced in the promotion of learning opportunities and social inclusion through our participation in international projects funded under EU-programmes.

The Network for Social and Market Inclusion through Language Education (SMILE) explores opportunities for promotion of less widely used and taught languages (LWUTLs) in various educational, social and economic sectors.
The project identifies areas and target groups which can benefit from the application of LWUTLs and spreads the results of existing good practices for language learning and promotion.
SMILE is expected to have impact on various groups of unemployed, disadvantaged people, traditional and non-traditional language learners, etc. The project is being implemented by 20 organisations covering 15 European countries. SMILE is co-financed under the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission.


- Creating a collection of good practices providing innovative methods for promotion and learning of LWUTLs in situational contexts

- Developing National Reports on the sectorial demand for LWUTLs

- Producing a Situational Analysis on the opportunities for learning LWUTLs on European level

- Holding workshops for exchange of experience between educational and employment sectors

- Developing Recommendation Papers for enhancement of the learning and promotion of LWUTLs

- Organising National Events in all partner countries for further exchange of experience


- Organisations active in the field of labour markets (trade unions, employers associations, VET providers, etc.)

- Organisations from specific economic sectors (construction, tourism, agriculture, ecology, etc.)

- Organisations providing learning opportunities for people at risk of social exclusion (migrants, people with disabilities, senior citizens, etc.)

- Organisations providing formal and non-formal language education opportunities


- Collection of good practices for promotion and learning of LWUTLs

- National reports analysing opportunities and methodologies for learning of LWUTLs

- Situational analysis providing information about the needs related to LWUTLs on European level and solutions for meeting them

- Workshops for exchange of experience on good practices for promotion of LWUTLs

- Recommendation papers for enhancing the current European policies for promotion of linguistic diversity and LWUTLs

- National events presenting the network findings to stakeholders on practical and political level

- Website hosting all project outcomes 

For more information on the project, please visit www.smile-network.eu

Tell Me a Story

The project acts at local, national and trans-European level by creating attractive multilingual learning tools for tour guides with the aim of improving their intercultural and multilingual competences.


NELLIP promotes quality in language learning through the application of the quality criteria used to award the European Language Label.