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The project acts at local, national and trans-European level by creating attractive multilingual learning tools for tour guides with the aim of improving their intercultural and multilingual competences.

‘Tell Me a Story’ seeks to create a method and materials for Multilanguage learning of tour guides, based on popular stories, such as regional and local legends, films and book stories, urban gossips, used more and more by tour guides for the tour guiding.

The project will exploit modern local stories that discover to visitors domestic characteristics of life style through anecdotes, history presented through personal stories and contemporaneous fictions, interactions between the traditional/historical places and the contemporary environments around these (clubs, shops, significant places for some community groups, like artists, young people, retired elder people, etc). It is concentrated on cognitively challenging but accessible urban stories containing enough familiar content and language in order to be achievable, so that people (especially those who already speak a foreign language) can easily identify and remember words and phrases, when they know the content.

For more information on the project, please visit www.tellmeastory.eu