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Digital literacy as a solution to improve the capacity of individuals to participate in a society that uses digital communication technologies in all its fields of activity, and as the glue of an increasingly intercultural connected society.



“The Digital way to Employment” project aims at empowering women by providing them with an innovative learning journey that fosters their transition into digital occupations.

ACDC 4 You

ACDC 4 You: Artistic Creativity Development Course for You” is a European transnational partnership project promoting the development of adults’ creativity through using creative processes of participatory music and raising awareness of creativity as a crucial and the most coveted skill for the future economies across Europe and the globe.


The project PAUSE is an EU project funded under the Adult education sector of the Erasmus+ programme . A consortium of 8 organisations from 8 different European countries works together to create and exchange a database of good practices for improving the skills and competences of educators working with (vulnerable) adults.


The project OUR CIVIC HERITAGE: European heritage of civic engagement and participative actions is a European cooperation project aimed at promoting European common values and civic education and engagement in Europe.

Arts for Human Rights

Arts for Human Rights is a Europe-wide, three-year, transnational partnership project using creative processes of theatre, film and new digital technologies to promote learning and raise awareness in relation to human rights and gender equality across Europe.


The project ALMA: Access to Language Methods for Increasing Migrants’ Abilities to Start Their Own Business is a European cooperation project aimed at stimulating migrants to begin a new business, to inspire and provide them with practical guidelines in order to start and run a successful company within a new cultural and linguistic context.

WelComm 2 Explore Europe

The project ‘WelComm 2 Explore Europe: Integrated language and cultural learning at early age’ uses regional heritage across Europe and creates multimedia materials for children to help them learn more about the history, nature and culture of their new home land.


CORES “Charter of Common Refugee Strategies” is a European cooperation project aims to help newly arrived refugees and the professionals working with them.


” InterCult: Intercultural Trainers Kit for Migrants’ Educators”  is a European cooperation project aimed at improving the intercultural skills of educators for delivering efficient language training to adult migrants.

My Social Role

My Social Role’ addresses young people from urban areas facing social, economic or geographical challenges, aged 16-29, including those who are not in education, employment or training and such with migrant background. The project provides them with innovative and flexible ways to get involved in entrepreneurial and social learning.


“FALK: First Aid Language Kit for Migrants” is a European cooperation project aimed at making healthcare services more accessible for migrants through developing and upgrading language skills on medical issues in the host languages of 6 EU countries – Turkey, Bulgaria, Spain, the UK, the Czech Republic and Cyprus.

Code N Social

CODE-N-SOCIALPromoting Social Inclusion through Coding and ICT skills” is a European cooperation project aimed at providing access to quality IT learning and helping people at risk of poverty and social exclusion (AROPE) to get out of the education-poverty trap where they are kept due to prejudices and low quality IT education.


The project “ERFAL: Exchange of practices for disadvantaged people” aims to establish a thematic network at European level in order to share experience on different topics in the area of integration of disadvantaged people. The project will develop a collection of good practices dealing with the integration of migrants, disabled people, NEETs and elderly and provide successful models for raising their skills and supporting their economic and social integration.


The WelComm project aims at raising awareness of the importance of education for social inclusion of migrants from early age and promoting opportunities for equal start in education

Drama for change

The project “Drama for Change” will bring together a cross sector of organizations that work with marginalized groups in adult education. The aim is to develop a training curriculum to provide adult educators with the skills necessary to work with young people and adults through a creative medium in order to promote social inclusion, gender equality and anti-racism work.


The project “DREAM: Dynamic Reinforcement for European Adaptation of Migrants” has the aim to reinforce the migrant integration provision through exchange of experience on priority integration areas and spread results of successful initiatives through a EU-wide network of stakeholders.


Pulse: Language and Communication Skills for Foreign Nurses The project ‘Pulse: Language and Communication Skills for Foreign Nurses’ has the aim to improve language and communication competences of nurses working in a foreign country, or planning to work abroad…

Digital Gils

Digital Girls Project aims at inspiring and motivating girls and young women to consider careers in the digital technology market.


The Network for Social and Market Inclusion through Language Education (SMILE) explores opportunities for promotion of less widely used and taught languages (LWUTLs) in various educational, social and economic sectors.

Take Care

Take Care supports the integration of migrants through helping them gain new language skills related to healthcare matters

Tell me a story

Tell Me a Story’ acts at local, national and trans-European level by creating attractive multilingual learning tools for tour guides with the aim of improving their intercultural and multilingual competences


NELLIP promotes quality in language learning through the application of the quality criteria used to award the European Language Label.


KU TU Ltd. is a member of EURORESO – an International Association with a scientific and educational purpose.

Spread the sign

“Spread the Sign – Syria” is a European project aimed at supporting the educational needs of deaf Syrian migrants by adding the Syrian sign language to an already existing online educational tool “Spread the Sign”


ACT! is aimed at reaching active community members who promote active citizenship

Shoplang 2.0

SHOPLANG 2.0 aims to promote 4 less widely used and taught European languages through the theme of shopping


E-N.L.L Never Late to Learn! promotes cooperation for providing learning opportunities for senior citizens

Mission Possible Chinese for European

The project develops a methodology for providing language information in Chinese in an easily accessible way

Light Me Up

The project promotes the benefits of language learning among pupils, students and adults through the theme of travelling


The project uses the informal environment of the supermarkets in order to provoke interest in 6 less widely used and taught languages

Other Projects

KU TU Ltd. has also participated as subcontractor in international projects under EU programmes.


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